London, here I come!

We’re giving you the opportunity to win the trip of a lifetime; an all-in five-day cycling tour from Berlin to London brought to you by Deliveroo. See the office where small ideas get turned into big changes and get a taste of the vibrant city of London.

Oh and did we mention that you’re meeting fellow international riders along the way? Yesss!

Here’s everything you need to know:


All Deliveroo riders are welcome to sign up for this contest. Please note that you are responsible for getting your own (road)bike. We strongly recommend you to bring bike touring gear (such as a bike cover and panniers) and that you’re well insured. The total ride is about 1000 KM (bike+train) with an average of 90 KM per day, so it’s important that you are in good health and capable of cycling these distances.


We provide you with a bunch of cool stuff, such as;

  • A 5 day cycling trip where you will meet your international fellow riders along the way.
  • A cycling-suit; we want you to look good and teal!
  • Accommodation; resting is very important.
  • Food, drinks and snacks; because food + Deliveroo = ❤️
  • Ferry tickets. You’ll take the train from Berlin to Brussels.
  • A dinner in London with your fellow riders on the last night.
  • A train ticket from London – Berlin (With your bike accompanied of course)


Day 1: Berlin – Brussels (by train)
Dag 2: Brussels – Bruges (+-100 km)
Day 3: Bruges – Calais (+-120 km)
Day 4: Calais – Dover – Maidstone (+-80 km)
Day 5: Maidstone – London (+-70 km)

You go back from London to Berlin by train


Are you great at writing songs? Are you an aspiring photographer? Do you love to bake cookies? Are you a sports talent? Great at solving Rubik’s cubes? Or do you just want to tell us in your own words why you should be one of the 3 lucky ones? Everyone has the same chance to win so go for it!

Convince us, be creative and think outside the box!

You’ll have until the 11th of August 23:59 to submit your motivation. We’ll contact the winners via the Roosletter. To go to the sign-up form, please click here. Good luck and maybe we’ll see you in London!

Please note that you have to be able to pay for the daily expenses in advance (excl. hotels and tickets) and get reimbursed after.

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