My Statistics

Your statistics are composed of two factors:

On the one hand the percentage of „late cancellations“ and on the other hand the number of availabilities you attended.

My Statistics

The Self-Serve Booking Tool has been designed to ensure fair distribution of availabilities and to give you more flexibility in regard to your cooperation with Deliveroo. The amount of availabilities open for you to book is determined by the estimated amount of orders at that time.

This is supposed to give you more security concerning your possible earnings. It also enables you to freely go online at any time – provided that the number of riders necessary exceeds our predictions.

An in-depth explanation of the Self-Serve Booking Tool can be found here.


You already know how the tool works? Then we’ve prepared a FAQ for you concerning your statistics.

All sessions for the following week can be booked mondays at 17:00. It is also possible to get priority access at 11:00 or 15:00, respectively.

Who gets priority access is determined by their statistics. Priority access groups are not fixed to a certain percentage but are determined in relation to the statistics of all other riders in your city. So although your statistics stay the same your priority group can change.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you will always get priority access at 11:00 with a statistic of 95%, or that an increase of your „late cancellations“ in the week before will immediately affect your priority access. As mentioned before: Your priority access is always determined by the statistics of the other riders as well.

You can cancel your booked availabilities up to 24 hours before it starts without affecting your statistics. If you however cancel that availability after that or don’t attend it you deny other riders the chance to make money during that time. Also we calculate how many riders will be needed during any one availability. So if an availability is fully booked but only 70% of those riders attend it, it can lead to there being too few riders for too many orders which can lead us to having to close the zone temporarily.

If you cancel an availability on short notice the chances of that availability being booked by another rider are very low.

Before SSB there was no statistic for cancellations within 24 hours of the availability, which led to many riders booking way more availabilities than they actually intended to attend. As a result other riders couldn’t book these availabilities and so were denied the chance to make many during that time. It was difficult for us to determine how many riders would be needed for any one availability, so for this reason we decided to include „late cancellation“ in your statistics.

Of course we are aware of the fact that there are situations where it is not possible for you to cancel an availability in time. Your statistics won’t be influenced negatively if a zone has to be closed because of extremely bad weather or if other factors force us to close the service. If an emergency like a road-accident makes you unable to attend your availabilities we can manually mark the availability as attended.

Your statistics are always based on the most recent 14 active days.  An active day is when you have done any of the following:


  • Attended a booking
  • Not attended a booking
  • Cancelled a booking less than 24 hours in advance (the day of the session that was cancelled is counted as active)

By turning on ‘Request weekly’ for a booking, you automatically request to book those sessions for the same day each week.

Your booking will only be confirmed one week in advance. Weekly requests will be confirmed based on:

1) Priority group – if you are in a priority group, you are more likely to be allocated your ‘request weekly’ sessions

2) Your recent activity – the more sessions you have attended over the past few weeks, the more weekly requests you may be allocated

3) Demand – as order volumes change week on week, the number of available sessions will also change

Your acceptance rate, meaning the percentage of orders offered to you that you accept, does not affect your statistics, nor does it affect your priority access group.

Definitely not. Your statistics won’t affect which or how many orders are offered to you.