Last week we met up in Friedrichshain (Berlin) with our long time bike messenger Marcel and joined him for a short, very rainy, ride. What's so special about Friedrichshain? Well, there's a ton of restaurant crowded in a relatively small area (and also an excruciating amount of cobblestone).

We asked him a couple of questions about his insider tips and advice for riders in Friedrichshain and his funniest moments.

What's your ultimate rider life hack?

Several things come to mind there. I kind of "stole" the best trick from a fellow rider. Especially when cycling there is always the danger of your phone falling down. If the screen then gets cracks that obviously sucks but even worse: If it rains and water goes through the cracks you can't use the touch screen anymore which means you can't take orders. So the best trick is to put your phone in a zip-lock bag which protects it from the rain while also enabling you to still operate the touchscreen.
Another thing I've noticed is that many riders have their bikes fixed at shops because of every small issue. I believe that anyone who wants to work as a bike messenger should take their time to get to know their bike. Like that they'll be able to to repair smaller things themselves and save a lot of money.

How do you kill time between orders?

When it's cold I simply try to stay on the move to keep my body from cooling down. It doesn't bother me if it rains a litte bit, that's part of the job. If so I'll just ride around the block a couple of times.
If it's snowing, I get thirsty or I have to go to the bathroom I usually go to "The Gentle Jaunt", a bicycle cafe in Simon-Dach-Straße, or to Cozys or Mokofuk, both of which also have great coffee.

Do you have some fun stories about your experiences as a rider?

Not too long ago someone opened the door completely ruffled and in underwear and seemed as if taken off-guard. He explained that he didn't hear the bell. That was quite funny.

Thanks for having us, Marcel!

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