Meet Kontist

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience while riding with Deliveroo.

In order to do so we offer you partnership deals. We would like to introduce you to Kontist a banking service for Freelancers. Kontist is an all-around solution for administrative tasks around your own business, such as invoicing, taxes and banking. This will reduce the required workload you have to spend on bookkeeping significantly.

As a Deliveroo rider, Kontist offers you for the Kontist premium service for 6€ per month instead of 9€.

You can find a brief description of the offer and service hereFrom now on you, as a Deliveroo rider, have access to the Kontist Community (Freeliance) which is a help center for freelancers. The Freeliance offers: Legal advice, accounting support and a forum to answer all your questions about your working environment. The free freelancer-guide and the freelance ebook provide you with all the information you need to succeed in self-employment.

The first 100 subscribe get the premium Kontist service for free, be quick and subscribe now!