Sandra alias Santtra Oxyd breaks several Deliveroo records. Not only is she the longest active rider and with that one of the riders of the first hour. She also held the record for "oldest rider" until being dethroned in that category recently.

Under her artist's name Santtra Oxyd she makes Tibetan Folk music, akkordeon Punk, writes books about meditation and is a healer. Every winter she drives around Asia for a few months, does a couple of concerts and generally flees from cold Berlin. The fascinating story of her life has been depicted in the movie "Jenseits von Tibet" (Beyond Tibet).
We visited her in her home zone Charlottenburg and asked her a couple of questions while accompanying her on a little tour.

(The following is a free translation of the interview from German into English)

1. In contrast to most you drive a car instead of going by bike. Do you have some tips you want to share?

My car is 100% equipped for work. In the front I have a bottle opener and scissors, in the back my working clothes and some to change into and in the trunk. I have, in addition to the Deliveroo Bags, some bigger styrofoam boxes. Like this, I am prepared for anything. To ensure that the food reaches the customer still hot I always take my Deliveroo bag into the restaurant and put the food in it immediately. Then I put the whole bag into one of the styrofoam boxes in the trunk. The food always reaches the customer still steaming. I really advise you to invest into one of those boxes.

2. What's the most exhausting thing about your job?

Definetly climbing all these stairs. I usually work the whole weekend and afterwards I need a cuple of days to recover from that. And traffic is something one has to get used to.

3. What do you do if you take a break? Are the places in your delivery zone that are especially recommendable for waiting in between orders?

When it comes to taking a break it is really comfortable to go by car. Usually I just park my car somewhere between Leibnizstraße and Nieburstraße. From there I can quickly reach most restaurants and I'm right in the middle. I usually do some meditational exercises to relax. Many car riders meet in Weimarerstraße at Karl-August-Platz next to Trinitas Church. We often see each other in the restaurants while waiting for the food. One of our fellow riders does so many deliveries per day that everyone tries to outmatch with him and this started a little friendly competition. Usually I don't really take part in that but last sunday I outdid him for the first time in a year or so and well, yeah I had to tell him that of course! Every now and then I visit small happenings like farewell parties or such. It's really important to be a team player in the end and we get along very well.

Thanks for having us Sandra!

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