Broken equipment?

No Problem


It’s normal that after a while the equipment provided with your starter kit is worn off. Usually the zippers on your backpack are the first candidates to give up, or maybe spilled food has made your bag unusable.

We are happy to exchange vital equipment if it’s broken. This contains the following article from our shop: Thermo bags, jackets, helmets and phone mounts.

So what exactly do you have to do to get new equipment?

1- Open this link

2- Take a picture of the broken items. Please also make sure that within the picture is a note with your name

3- Answer the questionnaire and then upload the picture

You will receive a shipping confirmation within 24 hours (on workdays).

Please also take into account that we will send it to the address you’ve added in your Shopify account. If you moved since you put it in or if you prefer a different address change it in your account beforehand or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

If your equipment gets stolen contact [email protected] immediately with a short summary of what happened.

Have fun with your equipment!


Online Shop


Do you want to order additional items? Then follow this link to our online shop. You should have received an invitation with login information during your onboarding. Can’t remember them? Also write an e-mail to [email protected].