How can I get paid for my deliveries?

Our payment team is your point of contact when it comes to all questions concerning your payment or invoices in general.

Your invoices will have to follow a two week plan which is also called payment periods. In that case, your invoices can be sent bi-weekly to [email protected].

What is a payment period and how does it work?

Every two weeks you will have the chance to send us your invoice to [email protected]. You’ll receive a statement from us which will represent the amount of deliveries you made in the past two weeks, the app license fee, as well as the bonuses you were able to achieve.  

The statements can serve as a support for the invoice you are going to create on your own. If you notice that an amount is missing on your invoice, don’t hesitate to add it to your invoice. Our team will then check if the change you made was correct and either accept or reject your invoice.

The statement will be sent to your email address every second Monday after the end of a payment period, 7PM latest. In order to get paid with the next transfer you got until Tuesday 1PM to send us your invoice. If this is not the case and we don’t receive an invoice from you before Tuesday 1PM, your invoice will only be taken into consideration for the next payment two weeks later.

What is an invoice and what does it look like?

As a freelancer, it is your responsibility to send our payment team a correct invoice. If this is completely new to you, you can always use an invoice template (just google: “Rechnung für Freiberufler oder Kleinunternehmer”) or ask another rider for guidance

What happens if my invoice is incorrect?

If you send us an invoice that contains errors, you’ll receive an email from our payment department asking you to correct it. Your invoice can only get paid out if we received the correct version of it.

When will the transfer be made?

If we obtain your invoice before Tuesday, 1PM, after the end of the payment period, it will be processed until the end of the week. Please note that a transfer can take up to 5 working days depending on your bank.