Got questions and don’t know who to get in touch with?


Most questions can be answered through Rider Info or by checking our FAQ.


The [email protected].de email team are available to help with issues that are not related to live orders – like problems and questions about your app, your cooperation agreement or your equipment.

Your invoices can be sent bi-weekly to [email protected]. This is also the quickest way to get support regarding fees and invoicing. Read more about our payment on Invoice.


The Live-Support can only help you with questions related to live orders. Contact the team for help with any order you are currently working on. This includes unassignment, finding the customers, delays and emergency support. There are two different ways to get in contact with the team.

Rider Hotline – You can call the team on 030224030201. In order to be prepared we would suggest adding the number to your contacts.

Rider Chat – The In-App rider chat allows you to message the team in real time. 

Learn how it works by using the interactive phone below.