Team Deliveroo at Fixed 42

Last Sunday, May 13th, Nico, Sarun, Wojtek, Hördur and Max competed in the unofficial fixed gear world championship: the Fixed42. On 42km the participants race through Berlin and across the Autobahn.

Race Recap by Wojtek

I’ve been looking forward to Rad Race Fixed42 since winter, when I decided that I want to take part in it. I was encouraged by friends that raced last year, telling me how much fun and blast it is. Days before the start my excitement started to rise, as well as a bit of fear and anxiety – in the end, it’s a high-speed brakeless fixed gear race, right? With professional teams taking part in it, with strong riders training for years, and with absolutely savage crashes happening from time to time (of course I didn’t hesitate to watch them all on YouTube). But it’s also a great opportunity to ride on closed roads of Berlin, test yourself, push your body beyond its limits, and I think what is the best part – be together with hundreds of people that share the same passion: cycling.
I was incredibly lucky to enjoy this day and this ride with absolutely lovely small bunch of Deliveroo riders, have fun on the way to Ludwigsfelde, be happily nervous together, and then try to ride our best. And we delivered quite a ride – for the most part we were leading a big group of riders, taking places in the front, and we’ve managed not to crash! 🙂
I’m definitely in for the next edition of Fixed42!

Watch the race from Nicos view!