Nicolo's helpful tips: Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery

(This is a free translation of a german article that Nicolo – a rider who works with Deliveroo – wrote)

Pizza in general is pretty flat, meaning little volume spread over a lot of surface (in contrast to e.g. a bowl of soup, that has a lot of volume to a small surface). This causes pizza to turn cold quickly as it has little substance to store the heat and a lot of surface to give it off. As soon as the pizza leaves the oven the race against time begins. Every second it isn’t heated or in a thermally insulated container it continues to cool down. To deliver it as hot as possible it is important to put it in the bag quickly, inside where it’s warm, not in front of the restaurant – especially if it’s freezing outside!

Some pizzas have very liquid toppings and should therefore not be tilted too much. So we try to transport it as horizontally as possible. We’ve heard stories from customers as well as restaurants, of riders who put the pizza in the backpack vertically. This is highly unprofessional and should never be done! Some pizza boxes are very soft so if we transport something like pasta together with the pizza it is better to not put the pasta on top of the center of the pizza, because the box will give in and when the food reaches the customer you will probably have created an unholy mixture of cardbox and pizza. So either put the pasta beneath the pizza (yes, that works!) or in one of the corners. If you have foam to fixate it, the better.

And one more thing: If we already put in the effort when it comes to pizza – why not extend it to all dishes, no matter their background, size, temperature or cuisine?